Autism and Psoriasis

Trawling the web, as one does, looking at new research studies on this, that and t'other often provides a few 'memory lane' moments.

For example, some weeks back I stumbled upon some interesting discussions on whether okra might have the ability to induce male sterility. Strange you might think thatlady's fingers might be a good male contraceptive, but there is some good science behind it specifically based on the actions of a compound called gossypol.

Why is gossypol part of my vocabulary? Well my better-half did some research on this compound a few years back, primarily derived from the cotton plant (Gossypium), with a view to its potential anti-psoriatic abilities. Realpharmacognosy in action. The anti-psoriatic abilities of gossypol got me thinking about psoriasis with autism spectrum conditions in mind.

Psoriasis is a topic which has cropped up before on this blog with regards to autoimmunity and how having one autoimmune-related condition might raise your risk of developing another (or others). Psoriasis is a bit of a blanket description for several manifested skin conditions. It is basically a fault in the production of skin cells; cells pile up on top of each other forming patches or plaques which can cause some quite serious physical discomfort, also having been linked to secondary bacterial infections. More recently is the suggestion that the disease might not just be skin related and not necessarily having just a physical effect. Prevalence and incidence studies are rife on psoriasis; this study suggested a prevalence of 2.5% among a European (German) population.

Source : Questioning Answers : Read the original story here.